Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are common in American homes, supermarkets, restaurants, and wherever else food is permitted to rot. Populations build up during during summer – abundant and harvest time! And the result… fruit flies become active at all times of that season.

Adult flies usually fly around where you see trash cans with decaying fruit or vegetables. These flies also are also attracted to liquor/beer bottles.

House Flies

The house fly is a well-known global pest found in both farm and home. This type of fliy is always found in interconnected with human activities.

The lifespan of a house fly in the wild is within a month. Houseflies pass through egg>larval>pupal stages in approximately more than a week, after which it emerges as an adult fly. Depending on its type, they may seek dark piles of trash, moist areas, rotting carcasses and manure in which eventually they lay their eggs.